What All You Need to Know About Melanotan?

Melanotan is one of the synthetic versions of hormone melanocortin. The hormone is secreted by our pituitary gland situated at a base of brain; it helps in regulating the body’s development and growth and is an important element to maintain your levels of energy.

Melanocortin helps in stimulating as well as accelerating the production of skin darkening pigment, named melanin. The pigment absorbs UV radiation from sun and thus darkens your skin. When Melanotan gets administered by injections over the period of time (generally course of some weeks suggested by the Melanotan distributors), this product can semi-permanently darken the skin like tanning in sun. Before you go ahead with the process, make sure you check the melanotan dosage.

What’re tanning injections?

Many people make use of melanotan injections for changing their skin colour; however they’re used by many people across the world. This synthetic hormone just works by stimulating the pigment cells in our skin, and causing them to make more melanin, which gives your skin the darker colour. There’re two types available, Melanotan 1 and 2 that must be diluted in plain water before getting injected.

Nonetheless, many beauty salons, gyms, and even online stores are jumping on this ‘tan-wagon’ of the tan injections for various reasons, the highly prominent being this injectable tan doesn’t have any odor and wash off and it is the best and long-term solution that helps to keep the radiant and bronzed look. Thus, you do not need to worry of topping up the spray tan, peeling and flaking as with the product your tan can last.

Final Words

Injections offer the quickest and strongest MT2 effect. But, it isn’t always very convenient to get the shot. Suppose you are not very comfortable with the needles, you can try Melanotan 2 in form of the nasal spray.

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